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Digital Fuel Management Solution

Fuel, is one of the major expense in any fleet company which attributes up to 30% of its operational cost. If this is not properly regulated, this cost can even go higher making it difficult for these companies to make profits. At I-spy Africa, we offers you an accurate fuel monitoring and control systems to help you cut down this costs and increase efficiency.


Our fuel management system offers you the following:



  • Fuel Levels

  • Fuel consumed 

  • Alerts on increase and decrease of fuel levels and their location


  • Fuel Consumption report highlights the fuel used for the selected vehicle

  • Fuel increase or refuelling report highlights the fuel increase for the selected vehicle

  • Fuel sudden decrease report highlights the fuel decrease for the selected vehicle


  •  The Fuel level (Low Fuel level) alert notifies the user when the units fuel level reaches a determined level.

  •  This to monitor all refills, the system will notify users of every fuel Increase that exceed a set level (30 litres/10%) on each units.

  • The Fuel Level Sudden Decrease - This is to monitor Fuel theft/ Syphoning, the system will notify users of any sudden fuel decrease that exceed a set level either in quantity or Percentage.

Screenshots Showing Real Time Fuel Tracking 

Fuel Consuption Levels
Fuel Used
Fuel Level
Fuel Fonsuptuin Aganist Distance Covered
Fuel Used to cover the distance
Distance Covered 
Duration taken to cover the distance  

Generated Fuel Consumption Report 

Fuel Consuption Report with I-Spy Africa

Fuel Consumption Graphs

Percent chat.jpg
Fuel Used Chat.jpg
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