Abnormal Cargo Escort

Abnormal Load Escort Serves offers a pilot/escort vehicle service that is second to none. With over 12 pilot/escort vehicle on call, we can supply as many pilot/escorts vehicle that are required.

We can also arrange a second man in the pilot/escort vehicle if required saving the haulier time and money. All our drivers have been involved with the haulage industry at one time or another & and will assist if necessary with the loading & offloading of abnormal loads

We recognize the importance of Escort role in complying with legal & safety requirement and as a result when notifying the movement of an abnormal load we provide the police upon request with self-certificate and/or other evidence showing that we comply with Highways Agencies Code of Practice (Self-Escorting of Abnormal Loads and Abnormal Vehicles).


  • Route survey - If you are planning a move and are looking for either a comprehensive (on-board video/photographic) survey or a simple low coast initial route(s) feasibility opinion

  • Traffic management plan - Once the route has been surveyed, a traffic management plan, which could which could be a requirement of the police or local authorities depending on the cargo is provided.

        - All our escort Vehicles are supported by on-board monitoring CCTV system

  • Escort through - Continuity of escort from pre-arranged lay-up point to another. Typically on an arterial route where a client wishes to 'hand-over' in order to avoid overnight stay and excessive return mileages

  • Escort to destination - continuity of escort from pre-arranged points through to final destination e.g loads that require Escort for final portion of the route only (Benefiting from our local knowledge)

  • Escort from source - Provide continuity of Escort from loads source to an agreed position or lay-up point. This will typically require local knowledge and apply to load that may not require an escort along arterial route but require Escort for the initial portion of the route

  • Escort from source through to destination - A sequential combination of the above service, providing the escort from source right through to the final destination

  • Escort day work -  If you have a number of local journeys or traffic management role in mind you may find a day work quote more convenient.

  • Event support - If you are planning an event that requires use of the road you may wish to consider road pilots to assist with marshaling and safety of competitors and general public.

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