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Route Survey

Route survey plays an important role in Africa transportation industry. This is largely due to the insecurity and road conditions along the roads and major highways


At I-spy Africa, we can make it our mission to ensure the safety of cargo and mobile assets. As a result it leads us to conduct route survey to ascertain geodetic reference pointer landmarks and also in the study of the dynamics of natural and socioeconomic phenomena in a narrow strip of terrain


We represent the course of the survey and the plane horizontal feature on both sides of the route within the limits of direct visibility on a map board using a plane table survey, Tachymetric and aerial photographic surveying technics


  • Foresight-They say foresight is 20/20 but high sight is 50/50! With I-Spy Africa’s route survey, your organisation will be in a better position to mitigate against possible hazards along route when ferrying both abnormal and sensitive cargo as well as chart safe course to new and foreign terrain

  • Reduced transportation Coast- By using I-spy Africa's route survey, you are able to accurately plan on what equipment will be required for a trip and be able to efficiently assign and maintain your mobile assets. Similarly we employ a cast-first approach when making recommendations with the aim of identifying cheapest route for your organisation

  • Bespoke surveys- Our survey are always customized to the requirement of the client to ensure that our investigation focuses on your problem domain taking great care to ensure accuracy regarding the parameters that define your organisation challenges.


  • Standardized - All our survey are conducted by an experienced and qualified team of engineers who ensure that the entire process is conducted in a timely, accurate and consistent manner. As a result, they are able to make intelligent recommendation on the finding adduced

  • Experienced - We thrive on experimental service delivery and as a result all our potential staff are well versed within the domain of route survey enabling us to quickly turnaround requests

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