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Fleet Management

I-Spy Africa's Fleet Management solution is a unique offer as it sets benchmark for companies that requires high standard of vehicle and operational information. This solution provides one with unlimited fleet basic web access, giving you full vehicle control and operations assets management


I-Spy Africa Fleet Management solution is mainly suitable for fleet owners who require to simply track their vehicles, know their locations, and from time to time access to reports on routes traveled, where the vehicle stopped, duration of the stop and many other simple but effective features essential in the transport industry


  • Fleet basics increases productivity, improves customer service and reduces accident through driver monitoring and accountability;

  • Fleet Basics accurate records gives companies a clear picture of their operating coast. Besides the administrative conveniences, the system can lower running coast by reducing labor, fuel maintenance and insurance premiums as well as communication and clerical coast;

  • Fleet Basics puts a company in total control of its workforce; encouraging improved services. A more productive working environment, effective territory management and inspiring greater customer confidence;

  • Fleet basics improves scheduling and driver productivity by keeping you and your client informed at all time of the location of cargo vehicles, with access to accurate proof of service report;

  • Fleet Basics makes it possible to dispatch the nearest vehicle to the client thus reducing logistical coast improving customer service, allowing for better route planning and vehicle maintenance;

  • Fleet Basics significantly increase the safety of the fleet drivers, giving them the benefit of detailed route planning, proof of service and reduce administration burden;

  • Fleet Basics monitor working hours accurately and makes it easier to plan staffing requirements.

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