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Sensitive Cargo Escort

Cargo escort is an important service offered by I-spy Africa to its client base that was introduced in response to increasing demand. Cargo escort services comprise the following:

  • Safe and secure goods transportation and protection in case of attempt attack or invasion

  • Protection of drivers and representatives of the client accompanying the goods

  • Reliable and specialised communication tools to keep the security officers in constant contact with the company's dispatch center and our operational control center.


In order to ensure provision of the top Quality services to our client the services include:

  • Cargo Escort team supplemented by an armed state police officer who has direct communication with the national police bodies to call for assistance in case of emergence

  • Cargo Escort team equipped with satellite and mobile communication to ensure emergency communication with the company's dispatching center from any part of East and Central Africa

  • The company's insurance policies are set to international standards and requirement.

  • The number of vehicle and security guards for cargo escort is on case basis and all risks and threat factor are taken into consideration, as well as specific requirement and condition set by the client

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