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Security Solutions 


At Streamex we understand that information is critical to success, which is why we are singularly focused on the development of video surveillance and security solutions that provide you with the necessary information to make real-time, business-enabling decisions.


A critical component of a comprehensive security program is the use of CCTV, TIME & ATTENDANCE, and ACCESS CONTROL & NAVIGATION SOLUTION. CCTV monitoring is used in public areas and private homes, to deter crime and to assist in protecting community and property whilst our Time and Attendance will give you added monitoring on your business and staff.  With Streamex you can be sure of quality equipment and support for all your security needs. Streamex rides under the banner of I-SPY AFRICA LTD which makes us a total solutions center.



Technical Proposal:

The system is designed as follows:

  • Our solution will consist of cameras that will cover Visible and LAN Spectra.

  • The NVR/DVR and the surveillance equipment will be all web based.

  • High Quality H265 Video Compression and recording.

  • View and record live video from all cameras on the Network.

  • Master NVR/DVR server will record from 8/16 to 32 Channels of Cameras in total for the Surveyed floor plan.

  • Remote viewing allows you to view your surveillance cameras from anywhere using a computer or a mobile phone. All necessary are available at the touch of a button giving you the freedom to monitor your home/business on the go.


Our Product:

Our extensive line of high-quality products showcases the latest innovative audio and video surveillance technology & access control. As a responsible security provider in Kenya, Prolynx has never compromised on quality. Our team is working hard to ensure that the products delivered to the end customers exceed the minimum quality expectations. We strongly believe in delivering high quality security camera solutions.

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