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Car Carrier Services

At I-Spy Africa Ltd  transport your car via carrier other than in specific instances where you choose to drive the car from Mombasa yourself.

We arrived at this decision after realizing, through experience, that putting your car on the road is too risky.
Here are our top reasons for using car carriers to transport cars from Mombasa:

1.    Safety& Reliability– We all know the deal with Kenyan roads, especially over long distances. Accidents happen, and even a minor accident that dents your car affects the whole concept of having a ‘new car’. Not to mention costs involved in repair, time wasted following up with insurance etc. The car carrier we use is insured, and so you can be sure that your car is in good hands at all times.

2.    Stress Free- If your car is on a carrier you don’t have to deal with traffic, police checks, delays or bad weather. This allows you to concentrate on other things as your car arrives.

3.    No Wear and Tear- If your car is being delivered to Nairobi that will add a cool 500 km on the odometer, more if it will go further. A car carrier will save the tires from wear and tear and other potential hazards.

4.    Saves Time- driving the car yourself requires that you take time off work or your everyday activities. If driving to Nairobi it will likely take 8 hours and change.

We find two main downsides of using a car carrier, but we believe the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages:
Cost– It is more expensive to use a car carrier over road
Time– The carrier takes an average of 2 days to drive from Mombasa to Nairobi. This is because by law carriers can only be driven from 6am - 6pm.

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