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About Us

About us 

I-spy Africa is a rapidly growing fleet tracking company with significant mobile assets, hardware

and software experience. When you want to be more competitive and profitable; accurate and timely knowledgeable about your fleet activities is the most important you can have.


Vehicle tracking removes blindfold, delivering this critical information right to your desktop through an expensive set of features. I-spy Africa vehicle tracking solution provides our customers with real time information about their mobile asset anytime / anywhere / all year round  

Once we have a clear understanding of your vision and requirements for success, we use our industrial-leading expertise, proven track record of product and service excellence and powerful network of technology partners to provide your company with a total business operation solution


Having a transport company of our own enables us to understand the rate to our client woes giving I-spy Africa an insight needed to provide you with a superior product and service. When it comes to fleet and vehicle management, you can’t prove what you can’t measure

The business challenge is to find the right alliance of technology and service to unleash your full potential. That is what our automatic tracking report and easy to read graphs lets you identify operational trouble spots and are for fleet improvement at glance 

Our services

Our services 

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Fleet Management Services


Fuel & Temperature Management

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Electronic Cargo Tracking (ECTS)

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Route Survey

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Truck Recovery Services

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AI Dash Cam  Solution


Abnormal & Sensitive Cargo Escort

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Road Side Assistance

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Fire Suppressor Services 


Oil & Gas Escort


Dedicated Team Of Staff

I-Spy Africa Ltd's team of control room operators, road response, and security personnel play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of cargo along the northern corridor. Here's how each team contributes to the overall operation:

  • Control Room Operators: The control room operators are responsible for monitoring the transportation process through advanced surveillance systems and technologies. They keep a close eye on the cargo and vehicle movements, tracking them in real-time. They are trained to handle any emergency situations, coordinate with the road response team, and communicate with drivers or relevant authorities when needed. Their round-the-clock presence ensures continuous monitoring and immediate response to any potential issues.

  • Road Response Team: The road response team has skilled professionals who are trained to handle various scenarios that may arise during the transportation process. They are equipped with the necessary tools and resources to provide assistance in case of accidents, breakdowns, or other emergencies along the northern corridor. Their quick response and ability to handle critical situations help minimize disruptions and ensure the safety of the cargo, drivers, and other road users.

  • Security Team: The security team plays a vital role in safeguarding the cargo against theft, vandalism, or any other security risks. They implement robust security measures, such as employing surveillance cameras, conducting regular patrols, and implementing access control protocols. They work closely with the control room operators and road response team to respond to any security incidents swiftly and effectively.

By having a dedicated team of control room operators, road response personnel, and security staff, I-Spy Africa Ltd provide comprehensive coverage and ensure the smooth and secure transportation of cargo along the northern corridor. Their 24/7 presence and coordinated efforts help mitigate risks, maintain efficiency, and deliver cargo safely to its destination.

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Approved ECTS Vendor 

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